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The effects of modernization in this century has a great impact on our social, private and educational life. All the new inventions were meant to ease us and to provide us new ways of exploring the potentials of technology but in some cases critics say that there should not have been so much advancement that might lead us to infertile minds. Yes, indeed the topic under consideration is the changes in habits of book reading. Book reading was not only a hobby for us but also a great source of nature, generally speaking. Books were valued and held in a quite high esteem. As time passed books started to be converting into e-books. "Ebook is basically an electronic book that you can read on an electronic device like computer, laptop, ebook reader, kindle, and mobile phone etc."

A heavy book that used had a quite considerable mass is now converted to a small memory allocation on your electronic device, not more than a few megabytes. The large sized books we were quite uneasy to handle and used bags for them when carrying with us have now shrunk into a tiny SD card.

To every technological advancement there are some advantages but at the same time there are few disadvantages tied up with them. So let us compare between a book and an ebook and try to find out which one has more worth.

Readability: Printed books and ebooks have the same readability. Sometimes ebooks get difficult to handle as it involves a lot of scrolling and u cannot just go to the index and flip the pages to a desired topic immediately.

Portability: Ebooks are obviously more portable than the printed books and you can carry a lot of books in just a single device.

Health issues: Printed books have no effect on our overall health more specifically the eye sight, but ebooks do damage our eye sight due to continuous exposure to a bright screen. Moreover an ebook reader may experience head ace or anxiety issues.

Memory issues: According to a survey people reading printed books can remember the content of that particular book for a long time interval however when reading an ebook, all the information is saved in short term memory of our brain. This is quite huge drawback of ebooks.

These points clearly indicate that printed books are still a reliable source of information and they have their value intact but on the other hand the importance of ebooks cannot be denied for fun reading.



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