Problem Of Today, Land Pollution

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Land pollution is a grave problem of today. It affects the quality of land. It is the deterioration of land due to human activities. There are many causes of land pollution. Needless use of chemical fertilizer affects the quality of soil. Improper disposal of waste material, forest fire, deforestation, useless residential colonies cause land pollution. Moreover coal mining, extracting natural gas, nuclear plants and oil refineries also cause land pollution. Waste generated by mining brings harm to water, land, air and even living being. Many types of animals, plants and birds are in danger because of the land pollution. These animals, plants and birds are playing very important role in land preservation. It creates such pollutants as lead, cyanide, arsenic etc. solid wastes affect the beauty of our surroundings. In agriculture we use pesticides which are highly toxic and dangerous to animals, plants and birds. They are dangerous to human health. They sometime penetrate the earth surface and damage it. Sometime soil contains harmful chemical that threaten human health. The best way to check land pollution is to keep it from happening. The recycling of waste should be ensured recycling would reduce the amount of waste being added to landfills. We should keep our area clean. It would help us to prevent land pollution.

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