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Life is interwoven with problems etcetera s guitar that has a track interwoven each day,

One of his hairs sounds we it will look and sound sometimes problems like scale that is

Greater than their success and sometimes the reverse was clearer life is like a river that

Never again go back later and foundation of life is to be happy,too,Robert,and sometimes

When human life is faced with great joy and sometimes with great difficulty that the man

Him self is how to analyze and with them comes the responsibility to deal with time and

Up of the age older man feels life more in some cases,some people kneel in front faced

Life and life is like a glass of water in the waste will not be collected again and life is like a

Tree that will change season to season,fresh green and sometimes yellow and sometimes

It is depressed cold ,dry winter white, sometimes without water sometimes life is endless

Peace that does not end .

In some cases,people put barbed wire around their lives into their lives when problems

Cannot be or maybe the idea is to represent the best way to deal with life s problems

But the human partner is unaware of the problems life is like a vast sea of endless or is

There a way that her problems do not end never arrives this example starts with the

Example of a life that will be end hope to live away from trouble and sadness will always

Be happy and thank because you are time that gave me.



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Sajeda Amiri was born in Herat,Afghanistan. she is student in Hoza karbas high school.

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