Problems of Agriculture in Less Develop Countries.

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Many problems prevail in LDC, these are following: Shortage of capital is one of the main problem. The farmers have no enough capital to buy seeds fertilizers and technology. It badly affects the Agri Products and then farmer income. Poor quality of seeds is also a reason of improper production. Shortage of power also affects the Agri Products. Shortage of water spoils the Agri Products. Shortage of electricity cause runs of tube wells.


Not use of technology also effects the production. New technology is expensive and farmers have not enough money to buy them. Lack of proper transportation discourages the farmers because the products cannot be reached to market properly. Lack of where house also affects them. Some products are not durable and required cool places for storing. These perishable products are destroyed is not save in cool places.


Lack of financial aids creates hurdles for framers. Banks does not provide loans to small farmers. Farmers need money for proper production but lack of finance they cannot do so. Poor quality of seeds is used by farmers. These seeds do not produce good quality of crops. Farmers should use good quality of seeds for better production. Disease of plants also effect production because pesticides are not used by farmers. Less use of fertilizers also effect production.


Uneconomical holdings of land create hurdles for farmers because on small portion of land technology cannot be used. Because of this Agri Production cannot be increased. Mostly farmers are engaged in litigations and pay less attention on their land and productions.


If these problems can be removed then better Agri Products can be getting and it will increase the national income of a country

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