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Probux is well known and an established paid to click website. It continuously building trust over its members. I am the member of Probux and I earned a lot of from it.

Probux provides you a very much easy ways to earn money. The main plus point of this site is, you can earn a lot of money even you can not make any referrals. Making good referrals is the very tough part of earning through any paid to click site. On Probux, it gives you an opportunity to Rent referrals to work for you. Its intresting. Isn't it?
Yes, you do not have to do really hard efforts to make active referrals, in-fact you can Rent some active referrals from your earning balance. That means you also do not have to deposit or invest your own money to have referrals.
Have a lots of referrals is the main part of earning money through paid to surf websites. I will show you how you can have a lots of referrals to work for you on Probux without any hard work.
First you have to Register yourself in Probux. Here you can earn minimum of $0.10 every day to work for not more than 10 minutes a day. Now you just have to be active everyday and must click all available ads. I will suggest you to log in at least 2-3 times a day, I bet you, you will find many advertisement on every log in. 
After this little effort of one month, you will have approx $3 in your Probux balance. You can withdraw your balance after 20 more days work or whenever your account balance touches to $5 and receive this $5 every 50 days OR you can just follow my technique and receive multiple $5 every week or even every day.
Yes. You can make $5 per day easily through Probux.
Here is the secret -
When you have reached $3 after working one month, just go to the Rent referral area and Rent 10 Referrals for you. It will cost you $2. Do not worry, you can pay this amount from your Probux balance and you still have $1 remains in your Probux account balance. Now you have to be active everyday to earn your referrals commission of following day. So Please do not miss any day and click all the available advertisements. I would also suggest you to monitor your referrals and make sure all are active and if you found any referral inactive or clicking just few ads everyday, just recycle it and Probux will replace it with other active referral for just $0.07.
Now if you have 10 active referrals and you are also active all the day, you will surely earn minimum $0.25 per day. You can earn next $2-$3 in just a few days and repeat the above method and can have 10 more referrals. It will increase your daily earning but still do not think to cash out. Now you just have to repeat and repeat this method until you have 100 active referrals in your account.
That's it. You have done it.
Now just work for 10 Minutes per day and earn a lots of referral commission everyday and get multiple payouts every month.
Happy Earnings

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