Process 02: Avatar in the Making

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Make your Avatar more beautiful because it represents you, so make it best.

Note: After you Completely Register in bitLanders, only the Clothing can be change and not your Avatar's Face nor Hair so better make it beautiful before you regret it. 



Choose your Avatar's Gender


You can use this "Magic Thingy" to have a random style on your Avatar


Make it more Personalized


Use arrow Left and Right for More Style


Pick your Choice

after Finalizing your Avatar just click the "Proceed" to save your Avatar and to continue working in bitLanders,

CLICK HERE for the Next Procedure


After you Completely Create your Avatar that represents your account, you can now Name it.

You can use your Alias/Nickname or your personal name.




I'll be posting more guidance for beginners soon. For more INFO kindly PM me here 

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