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          There are thousands of the webs, which are paying for the stuff they need to get from it's user. While It should not be described in such an era, where almost every 5th person knows that one can earn working online. If you google, you will get millions of results about earning online and different ways of online earning. All you need to earn online is passion and guts to be devoted what you have got. 

          I have worked on many sites like Bubblews, Captcha Entry, Data Entry and freelancing. I also have earned on these sites and have cashed out my earnings and also have exchanged the earned money into local currency.

          I left all these sites just because i did not see any progress in these sites for a worker. these sites are always changing their policies except captcha entry. I had joined Bitlanders about 7 months ago, but that was only a trial that how this site works. I surfed this site for some days, but could not understand the strategy that how Bitlanders rewards the user. Any way i have joined this site again. I started working here and started getting tips from the senior users. 

           Now i have completely understood the Bitlanders. Most of the people from Pakistan ask me the question, that Does Bitlanders really pay? So for them my answer is YES, YES and YES. Bitlanders really pay. I am going to show you all the proofs. I have got Four payments till now from Bitlanders. So i thank them for this favor that they pay in time. It does not take too long for the payment. I have got four payments of Btc 0.0251.

          Payment method of Bitlanders is absolutely wonderful that is Bitcoin. I like Bitcoin more than Paypal, because Bitlanders also pay to Paypal. But as Paypal is not available in Pakistan, So i use Bitcoins for my cashout process. Bitcoin has the flexibility of it's value. When i got my first payment of Btc 0.0251 it was worth of $5.91, but i did not exchanged it in PKR in that time. I kept it in my Blockchain account for about a month, and the magic worked for me, and the value of the same amount of Bitcoin increased to $12.36. I was very happy at that moment. But i made a mistake that i could not cashed out the amount at that time. I exchanged it after 2 days that rates of same bitcoin dropped down to $9.47. This flexibility of bitcoin rewarded me with about $4 in one payment and i had got four payments so can do the math. 

          Now coming to the main stuff. How can one get his payment. This is not as difficult as my newbie friends ask in PM. By joining a user must create his wallet of Bitcoin on Blockchain. Just go to and click on wallet option, than just click create my free wallet or you can click here to go direct to to create new wallet. 

          Here you have to give your email address and your complex password. Blockchain will popup a message of your password recovery mnemonic code. Just print it on paper or you can also save it on your pc but keep it safe. As that will help you out if you forget your password of your wallet

Than just go to inbox of email address you provided on blockchain just to confirm your account.That is all for the blockchain. Your wallet is ready now. Now your second step should be collecting 0.0251 BTC in your Bitlanders account so that you can get your hardly earned money in blockchain. Once you reach the amount of cashout, just hit the shop button in Bitlanders and click the Withdraw button. 

When you hit the withdraw button. Now another option will appear that will show your Redeem option. Just click it.

 Now this is last step of your withdrawal. Here you are asked to provide your Blockchain wallet address so that your payment may be further processed. 

           After this process Bitlanders will send you email for double verification of your documents. This is necessary step if you want your payment within your blockchain wallet. You have to provide documents. This is just for security reasons, that is not a big deal. Just take a snap of your documents and reply the email you have got from customer service of bitlanders.

           After the identification of your documents, your payment will be transferred into your blockchain wallet. Blockchain will send you an email for confirmation of that payment, as you confirm your payment, so you can watch your glowing bitcoin amount within your wallet. I can not describe the moment when i got my first payment. After clicking the link given in the email from Blockchain, you will come to your wallet and you will see screen like the image below. 

          Red colour payment is unconfirmed, while it will be confirmed by clicking the link in email. After few minutes your Red coloured payment will be confirmed, and here the excitement begins. These are all steps that you can take for withdrawal of your payments to blockchain. Now time to shop or exchange your Bitcoins to local currency. 


1. Top up your Cellphone number with Bitcoins

           First step to utilize your Bitcoins is so simple that you do not need any help. You can top up you mobile number by using your Bitcoins. You can find the supported countries on the Bitrefill website. Bitrefill supports about 100 countries arround the world. There is another site which also provides top up for prepaid mobile numbers in about 120 countries arround the world. That is Piiko.

          This is the most simple use of your bitcoins i have ever seen in my life. So if you want your mobile number recharge or you want to recharge the number of another family member. This is it. You do not need to go out. Bitcoins has made it simple for you on your finger tips. 


2. Exchange Bitcoins at 

           Now the other method to get your Bitcoins in your local currency is site Local Bitcoins. You can find your country in the list of lacal bitcoins site. This is also good opportunity for the people in such a country where there is no service like Philiponos got that is 

           You can transfer your blockchain Bitcoin amount to your lacal bitcoin wallet. This is also simple method you can login to your blockchain account and click the send option and then just provide and bitcoin wallet address of your local bitcoin. The amount will be transferred to your local bitcoin wallet if all goes well. 

          Next step is to find a trader within your area. That is also easy to find. But if you are from remote area and you do not have near any, then you should check trustworthy trader, who has clean profile for his payment processes. There are many traders, who are trading on local Bitcoin. Then you will have to send him or her a trade request. Just contact him or her with contact he has left on his profile. Just fix the deal and send the amount. There is escrow option on localbitcoin.

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You can use this option and get your desired money within your hands just within few steps. You can understand Escrow option here. Escrow is the option that local bitcoins use. In this process a payment is paused in middle, Not paid to trader until you confirm the receiving local currency. 


           You should read FAQs and terms and conditions and risk level in exchanging your payments. Here is the link. 

You should study the site well before any transaction that will definitely be fruitful for you in your exchanging payments online. 


 3. Exchange Bitcoins on 

          The other way is to exchange the amount from Steps are simple and easy here as well. You can understand the whole site easily and before any transaction just read Tos or terms and conditions of that site. 


4. Exchange Bitcoins On      

         Next method to exchange your Bitlanders earning, which i use for me is to exchange my Bitcoins through the exchange that is This is the method through which i have exchanged two payments and my friends are also trusting this exchange. But once again you should also read terms and service of that site. 


           The is the method for all international friends. Every one can use if one considers it a suitable process. Other three  method are especially for my Pakistani friends who are wondering for any payment method or exchange service for their bitcoins to be converted to local currency. 

          This is all for you now if i find any other method to get bitcoins converted into our local currency, i will definitely  share it with you. 


All the images are courtesy of google. 

The content of this blog are originally mine , so please do not plagiarize.

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