Procurement Capacity Building

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Procurement Policy Unit has designed procurement training modules in three levels in 2008  to improve the capacity of Afghan government Procurement staff and since then is conducting trainings both centrally and provincially:



Three levels are named as basics, intermediate and advanced procurement trainings.

Standard materials for the above mentioned training levels have been prepared in accordance with international procurement best practice.

Three level trainings mentioned above are being conducted regularly, but sometimes there are special and short terms courses have been being conducted on the need basis, since 2008


So far around 5000 trainees from governmental officials, centrally and provincially have undergone the procurement trainings on basics and intermediate levels.

28 selected officials underwent Advanced training courses (CIPS), 19 appeared and 12 obtained international certificates on procurement. A crash course was conducted for 24 selected procurement controllers and after completing the said course, placed them in procuring entities. In addtion to this 30 governmental officials who have undergone the procurement trainings, selected competitively, and a new TOR prepared and added to their original TOR undertake the capacity building programs for their related line ministries.


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