Procurement in Afghanistan

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Although Procurement is an international and important subject, yet there are lots of problems and issues about it in the world not resolved. In most countries of the world especially in our beloved country Afghanistan, is not recognized as an academic topic and it is being taught neither in the schools nor in universities.  That is why, because of the absence of professional candidates in the market, non qualified and non professional people are assigned in the line ministries/entities and it is one of the main reasons that the line ministries and procuring entities are not able to spend the budget allotted to them until the end of the fiscal year.




Based on the above short descriptions, consequent to my previous topics published about the status of woman in Islam and western civilization, I would like to start publishing some short topics on procurement and I hope that it would cause the precious time of the readers to be wasted and instead I would be able to provide a little information in this regard. This time I shall try to write both in Dari and English.


Please follow me and continue reading the new topics which will be published by me in this regard.

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