Producing A Web Series: Part 2

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The inspiration for this show came from an old book we found. Your Sex Questions Answered, 1934 by Hildegard Esper.  This dated text like publication talks about scenarios people go through in terms of sexual topics.

As my producing partner, Jackie Biddle, and I were discussing option for a web series it became clear really quickly that this book used in a classroom setting could be a lot of fun.  As the episodes proceed you can expect a lot of madness coming from Coach Geetz.

The writing for a series is not like anything i have done before.  Having a deadline for a project is motivation and I get to keep my skills sharp.  Those of you who have watched the first two episodes are witnessing something that a conventional series can not do.  We're actually thrilled with the raw quality the shows has.

Like I said last week we really want this show to feel like an online class.  At times it will be a little messy.  Coach Geetz isn't one fore strict technical  specifications.  The 60's educational films are so much to use.  We hope you get the joke!

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