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Hi everyone! 

So I got something in the mail a few days ago and I just decided to write the product review here today. :D 

This is from a website I joined where you get points and then you use the points to try products for free! Best of all you only pay for shipping and that's it! Shipping is now P110, used to be P100 only. If you wanna join it too, send me a message. :D

Anyway, so above is a pic of the packaging I got.


There's two products in this pic but I will only review the Pond's product. Because you know it's for acne and the other one is just your typical germ killing alcohol.

The sample product's box has English, Thai, Vietnamese words written on it. I don't recognize the other language so I'll just leave it at that. Product was manufactured in Indonesia maybe it's Indonesian? :D


When I got the product I could already smell it without even opening the box. It smells like a combination of menthol + grassy fragrance. Hey, I don't know how else to describe it. That's how it smells like to me.


If you watch the video above you will see that it's a semi-clear paste or gel you can apply to your skin.

This is only my second day of using it so I might update this blog within a week's time. Just check back from time to time. :D

Last night I started using this on the pimples at my cheek/jawline. Probably got them because I've been resting my cheek on my hands more frequently lately. I should stop doing that because it gave me a breakout of sorts. Booo.

Moving on, if you check my current pic you will see some smaller pimples. Those were bigger last night and a lot redder. This morning I noticed the swelling actually went down and it felt like it did dry up so it looks like this Pond's Acne Clear product is effective so far.


Let's see how it will look like tomorrow and the coming days. :D


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Okay so after 5 days since I originally posted this blog, it looks like the pimples are gone. Not that it promised to remove pimples immediately but it did help dry 'em up completely except for that one stubborn biggest one. 

Okay so that's it for the update. At least it's good enough for me.

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