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Professional Video Search Engine” is a long tail keyword to define a search engine that searches only professional videos. I define a video as professional when it has titles at the beginning and at the end, stable camera work, professional audio, editing, and is reviewed by a trained human being who understands the quality parameters of a “professional video”.

YouTube, Vimeo and other “user generated” platforms and search engines allow any kind of video content to be posted. Only when the video is flagged then they review its content and message. You could upload a video with pornographic or hate messages on YouTube, and unless it''s flagged, it will not be limited or put offline. Film Annex made a very different decision. Everyone of the 33,000 films uploaded on Film Annex have been checked and monitored by our in-house editors. This decision is definitely time consuming but leads to a higher level of reliability for the viewers and advertisers.

It's time for Film Annex to create its own “Professional Video Search Engine”. This will include also YouTube, Vimeo and other networks, when their content is deemed “professional”. YouTube has now 100 professional channels. Film Annex's editorial team will review each video to assure professional quality and chose the appropriate category, so that selected YouTube and Vimeo content can be presented along the 33,000 Film Annex professional videos and films.

Film Annex's operations in Afghanistan and other developing countries include the introduction of Examer, an educational software that facilitates the work of teachers and students, giving special attention to Afghanistan schools for girls. Examer benefits from Film Annex's professional film content and will assure a safe and high quality set of videos and films to further educate the children who use the Examer platform. User-generated content isn't reliable, while professional video content is an assurance of quality, particularly for the younger audience. A very educational content library is the Khan Academy, which is an ideal example of efficient professional educational content available online. It is an ideal match to the Examer educational software and a great tool to support Afghanistan education system.

This is my vision for Film Annex's “Professional Video Search Engine”. It will require discipline, but it's worth the effort.

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