Professor Kliq - Behind the scene

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This film has been entirely traditionnaly made frame by frame.

The shooting as last  23 days, using masses of wire and creating 1,222 pictures. Throughout the lengthy shoot and during post production he painstakingly dusted the set every few seconds to create the polished final product. 


To give the impression of growing blocks, I had to replace theme every frame using lots of differents sizes.


The track has been fully decorticated in order to match every sound with everyframe. Then I had tollow this exposure sheet during the whole shooting:

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Victor Haegelin is a French director based in Paris, who specializes in stop motion animation. After studying at Prague's FAMU Cinema School, he has been signed to Partizan. Victor has worked as an animator with other directors as well, namely Michel Gondry, Olivier Gondry, Valérie Pirson, Stéphanie Di Giusto, Eric…

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