Progress in Afghanistan community participation

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Almost two decades ago,the community of Afghanistan has been disturbed by Taliban's force for many years. Taliban has ordered and set a rule which totally ignores the participation of the Afghanistan community and the discrimination level of perspective was too high.Women and children have no place to publicly take an action and community based discussions rather selected Taliban leaders can claim and execute whatever they want based on their 'democratic and religious laws'.This was an insane idea that only a limited group of people govern Afghanistan for their personal interest and for the sake of political superiority in a totally destructive way.Thanks to the NATO and US forces that the driving out of Taliban from its power led Afghanistan a new era of democracy, active community participation, and real patriotism. Even though Taliban has continuously made a trouble in the community, the current society have greatly reduce the impact of politics so that active participation through economical involvements, political elections and social relationships has been grown fastly.Nowadays,the participation of women in the community have been increasing that women can access in political firms, authoritative areas, school education and learning environment and sustainable peace and development goals.
The realm of one government to go further on the way of development and self-improvement is succeeded only if the total community involve which is mainly included the women and children.In addition to this, children have the right to get quality education at the age of 6 forwards and we have seen great change in the community of Afghanistan that the new democratic government has made a truly role model perspective than any other times. Without community participation,the growth of Afghanistan can't be manifested so community participation for Afghanistan must be ensured yesterday, today and tomorrow!


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