Projectile Motion Matlab Graphical User Interface

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Projectile Motion Matlab Graphical User Interface

Hello everyone in this blog i am going to share a Matlab grafical user interface which depicts the motion of a projectile and its trajectory. Matlab has a powerful ability to make graphical user interfaces. This is highly efficient projectile motion range and line of motion finder.


It has a total of 3 m files all of which are function files. Make sure you copy all these files into the Matlab current directory so that when the function is called, matlab could be able to recognize the file. The GUI once called by the "projectileGUI" syntax requires only two inputs, a launching speed in meters per second and a launching angle in degrees which is converted into radians automatically by another associated m file.


The following figure shows the GUI.

Following are the outputs of this GUI for various launch angles at a launch speed of 120m/s.

1. Zero degree (no projectile motion)

2. 45 Degrees (Maximum Range)

3. 90 Degrees (Zero/ Minimum Range)

The mfiles can be download from  this link

For further details watch the following video;

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