Promises made to be BROKEN!!!

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I PROMISE "it'll never happen again" I PROMISE "you'll see a different me" I PROMISE "this is the last time" we make these statements everyday, but do we honor them??  Do we care what it means to the other person? Not really, we don’t.


Youth meaning US have a knack to have our way in anything we want…we can be pretty persuasive, which is a good talent if used with honesty… but these days youngsters get their demands fulfilled based on anything what parents would like to hear but they DON’T MEAN IT!! Not because they are liars but because if they don’t, they don’t stand a chance. Thought comes in mind “just saying wont make much of a difference”. And this little promise once broken becomes an asset for our little minds à leading to a habit à leading to mistakes à can lead to broken hearts.


Promise is a word that shouldn’t be challenged to, but today its worth is no more the same. Because of its wrong and frequent usage; no one trusts the WORD alone.


Trust, honesty, responsibility are huge adverbs we use for a relation making and breaking… these all are based on what we say and choose to do. Hence promises made, have a complex role. The ones broken to satisfy others, gets justified by our conscience, the ones broken to save the relation is wisdom, the ones broken to heal someone’s feelings is a generosity, the ones broken to avoid a scolding is sharpness. Indeed these are kind and wise traits of a good person today, but ONE thing that’s neglected is, truth still stays….


Lets be the BAD GUY and keep the promise, make less friends but with honesty, break more hearts temporarily and make one for lifetime…. I know its hard for social, fun loving and caring people like us but remember in this world bad guys gets the best  :`)




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