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Sarli Sacha village is located in the foot hills of famous Makra Peak in North West of Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Majority of villagers lives in abject poverty with little or no facilities of health and education. Many of the parents don't send their children to school because they cannot afford even a small cost of books and school uniforms. Girls of village suffer even more. There is only primary school for girls, and girls of the village cannot get education after grade five (class fifth). The poverty coupled with lack of affordable educational facilities forcing many parents to drop their children out of schools and send them to do odd jobs in the cities. The under- age children disconnected from families and away from their homes get easily involved with gangs, extremist groups, drugs and commit crimes. The children of Sarli Sacha village is not alone facing such circumstances. An absolute majority living in rural areas face similar situation by and large. They need to be supported on humanitarian ground not only for the sake of their future but also for the peace, harmony and societal cohesion            

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