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We had a fun filled week of adventure and all the boys were trying to learn basic skills and promote the training team of themselves and wrote the blogs in Film Annex and were preparation of clip about themselves and  and other players. As well as there was a good competition among them to wrote blogs.  While I was watching the sound competition. And I was trying to bring facilities about plying ground and sound competition by cooperation and advices of Mr. Obaidullah “Ghafoori” Manager of Club. 

On Wednesday it was the last day of exercises in the Gymnasium. So our football exercise is going to start on 9 March 2013 in Kabul university Gymnasium. We have new programs for the new years ( 1392s.y) that  some are as follows, creating of wonderful discipline during exercise of our team, and full existence of players and implementation of physical and tactical programs of our team. Which systematically and slowly we are running our goals.

As you know, Afghanistan’s National Soccer Team’s competition, that Mr. Amiruddin “Sharifi” is playing as an active player. And he will accompany the National Team Challenge Cup cap in West Asia to acquire shares in the Asian Cup football. And achieved a great achievement for Afghanistan. ,so in his last two competitions with Laos and Mongolia it was held in Mongolia, as a result  got one score and Mangolia got zero,  and defeated Mangolia. On Wednesday had soccer competition with Laos and could received one score and Laos also got once score as a result equal remained with Laos. And received seven privileges and three goals and defeated by one goal and And  deceived as the first team to advance to the next stage of the group.


By Ibrahim Mahboob

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Ibrahim Mahboob is founder of Esteqlal Football/Futsal clubs in Kabul.
He did earn his bachelor degree from Civil Engineering of Kabul Universities.
Mahboob was found the Esteqlal Futsal club in 2003 and joined to Footbal club in 2001.
Estqlal FC is second position in primary legal in Kabul.

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