Proper Conduct and Attire Inside the Church

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Proper Conduct and Attire Inside the Church

Fashion changes time to time. Sometimes, we follow the new trends in clothing. But whatever is the vogue, we should follow what is necessary when we are inside the church. Always remember that the church, whether inside or outside (such as during procession), is intended to be a place to show respect to GOD and that includes PROPER CONDUCT and DRESSING UP DECENTLY.

Proper conduct means the Church is a place where we visit and talk to GOD.  It’s a place where we pray and ask for His forgiveness and guidance. It’s not a place for gossiping. We cannot avoid sometimes that we meet friends or relatives inside the church but the church is not a place for gossiping and non-sense story telling.

The Church is not a place for courting and dating. Other’s go to the church not to attend the mass but to court and date with their crush. The Church is not a park or restaurant where we can do this.

Do not text, call nor answer calls inside the Church. When you go Church, turn off your gadgets or silent your phones. If you are waiting for important message or call, text the person that you are going to attend the mass and wait for a certain time. If you can’t do this, just wait for his call and better not attend the mass.

Don’t make the altar as a short cut to cross the other side. Respect other people in the back who seriously praying. Let’s show our respect by properly making the sign of the cross, genuflections, bowing, and other gestures and postures.

Another important thing we must consider is following the proper dress code. Dressing modestly focuses attention on your character, not on your physical appearance. To dress modestly is to show respect to GOD, to show respect to the house of GOD, to show respect to self and others; and to uphold our dignity as Children of GOD. Dress up decently for the Church. Dress up decently as we enter into God’s presence. We should not wear apparels that show off shoulders, chest, waist, back and thighs, see through and body fit.



Wear jeans which are in good shape rather than torn; avoid wearing of caps, hats and anything worn with words or arts that are obscene, insulting, unethical and may be occasion for sin.


We should follow proper conduct and dressing modestly inside the Church. Respect others, respect GOD.

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