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Anyone who strengthens it in time to come. Some sooner, some later. But if you want to train really effectively, it is important to have proper technique and exercise nešidit (cheating). It is actually not perform exercises just to occupy only certain muscles, no others. For you did not help tilting or different twist. So you really can not train.

Proper technique is important. You say to yourself about why I write about it, it's commonplace. Why would someone do the exercises wrong and have to know about it. Quite would have wondered, but almost every beginner it makes even some longer examiner becomes accustomed to bad workout and stay them. How is this possible?

It's all masculine vanity. Go into the gym and want to train after all, a little wearing to work. You will not be there to give some tiny weights or dumbbells that look too easy. Take something proper to make you a Rambo. And that's just wrong. People who exercise often technically correct and can not go one at a time to the gym thinks both are strong, load a larger weights and then exercise cheating. When Bob biceps how to swing, Triceps exercises practiced mainly for muscles of the shoulders and so on.

But such an exercise will not grow muscles. So yes, but it will take a long time and it's just nothing.

I recently heard about the "pyramid", which figures to strengthen. The point is that in the beginning you drive a small weight / height = small pyramid / a lot of reps / it that it means that the pyramid down broad perhaps understand /. Your muscles grow up and get used to, so get off a notch above. If you add weight, but reduce the number of repetitions. And then again. When drawn up on top when it travels quite extreme scales, but only a minimal number of reps, maybe 4 to 6 This is because, since the strengthening works on the principle that the muscles get the "shock".

That it strengthens them up to heavier weights. But then you have to get used to and add weights. And then again. So why are Navrcholu the extreme weight. It is a period when you already have a little problem with it, to help muscles grow so easier. So it must spiky.

So how to solve the problem with beginners poor technique? One thing is to really learn the correct technique exercises, something I'll describe here in the category of strengthening. The second thing is to simply accept the fact that some do not have scales. You do not have to be ashamed of, no one was pummeling now. It's just about time that you give. So do not be shy and feel free to pickle small scales, but make sure that you are properly trained. Sami then see and especially feel that you are doing the right muscles.

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