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Delicate buds home if they are sick mothers cumbersome or uncomfortable and painful to see your Gul Goth gets upset. Photo: File

Who would not desire home laughter of little minds, but when it heavy or delicate buds are sick, anxiety and distress of mothers watching their Gul Goth gets upset, which is an essential and natural process.

The children must also be inspected to a qualified doctor, but with the advantage of the home remedies to get rid of the problems may substantially. Below are a few effective prescription presented, dealing with common problems of children who provide help.

Cold, cough and fever

A little careless children are troubled by the cough and cold.Small children are complaining of wheezing in the chest, which increases the risk of side walk and pneumonia. In a tablespoon of pure honey in a pinch of salt Wash and intermittent ctayyn children. Child protection from pollutants and dust. Please use the appropriate clothing and food. Put olive oil drops in the nose.

Chest massage with warm olive oil. Also a glass of water for children from six months to one inch piece of cinnamon, one inch piece of ginger prepare the decoction, then mix in the honey suckle full ladle intermittent children. It removes mucus and cough prescription for salvation is terrific. To reduce fever quickly plain or mix a little vinegar in cold water, squeeze it and then dunk the towel wet towel on the body turn. Do it four or five times.

Abdominal pain and disorders of the digestive

In children with abdominal pain, gas, constipation and diarrhea are found also common complaints. In the case of gas my child lying on the ground and naval Sankei back to shlayyn. A teaspoon fennel for stomach pain, take a few leaves of mint and cardamom, and two cups of boiled water to keep them in.Cool drink two large spoons periodically. Prepare fresh daily decoction. Indigestion and diarrhea in a banana, yogurt, soft porridge and boiled in water as a food and produce sagudanh Please use the water.

Mixed with sugar and salt drink water periodically, so that there be no lack of salts. In the case of constipation honey in warm water must be mixed. To prevent diarrhea in two cups of water, add a teaspoon of water to keep the boil a cup of water. And intermittent use of cooling must be investigated.To prevent vomiting albumen add a teaspoon of water they use to break phyntyn and dedicated equipment.

Nappy rash, rash and itching

Children of mothers must keep clean. Submit daily oil massage and bath. Morning and night before bed clothes bdluayyn definitely. Wear clothes soft and weather-appropriate. Apply petroleum jelly on nappy rash. Heat on both wet clay soil Leap.Wash with soap to get rid of scabies neem. Children are the flowers of the gardens. Read Mashallah seeing them safe from the evil eye as well as their care and health care in case of any negligence.

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