Protection and conservation of environment

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Industrialization is raising the standard of man.But on the other hand,it is creating the problems for man by pollution.The environmental pollution has been increased by industrial wastes.Toxic substances in the environmental have become carcinogenic.

Chromium from Tanneries and Lead from Automobiles creating the injurious problems for mankind.Solid,gas and liquid waste materials of industry are big source of environmental pollution.



Role of Biology to solve Environmental problems:

Biologists are searching the solution for environmental problems.They are working on techniques by which removal or degradation of pollutants and toxic materials may be possible.Bio remediation by several ways is under consideration.



Endangered species:

There are many species which are at a danger to be extinct.So protection of endangered species is urgently needed.Biologists are working on this project.



Pollution as a natural problem:

City sewage and industrial waste mix as pollutants in rivers and canals.The living bodies of fresh water are rapidly reducing.The pollution of fish is facing dangerous condition.While atmosphere is disturbed by exhaust and lead,which is increased by automobiles.


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