Proud to be Pakistani

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Allah gives great blessing in the shape of Pakistan and by hard working of great leader Quaid-e-azam and Allama Iqbal we should be very thankful to them and other saint who help them and make struggle for freedom of Pakistan .

and peoples sacrifices their lives while migrating from India to Pakistan .Indian Army and Hindu extremist making crackdown against Muslim men, women and even against child they put their life in danger for getting Pakistan and still they stand with Quaid-e-Azam there are number of sacrifices which the peoples gives for Pakistan .Indian extremist army martyr many many peoples in trains peoples migrate from India to Pakistan Indian extremist martyr many many peoples in train then train reach Pakistan with corpses and Indian extremist martyr Muslims and they put their corpses in river which reaches Pakistan they give us gift of corpses on 14 august 1947.its mean that Pakistan came into being with huge struggle and with sacrifices , many peoples become martyr they did not reach Pakistan their dream to see Pakistan .women and young girls are raped and young boys are burn into fire in front of their mothers even children are thrown into well or they also burn into fire by extremist Hindus and army.

Now its our duty to take great care of country we should proud to be a Pakistani and we should try to remove all those things which is not good for country we should work for welfare of country



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