Psychological Incapacity: A Ground for Nullity of Marriage

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I watched a show on television sometime ago and was amused to hear a story about a court’s ordering the dissolution of marriage of a couple because the man avoided sexual contact with his partner after their marriage. I know we are all adults here, so I expect no one would feel awkward when this topic is being discussed.

What amused me was when I found out that the reason why the man failed to "fulfill" his obligation to his wife was because of his small "thing," you know what I mean. He has a small penis to be clear. LOL!

When he underwent medical checkup, doctors found he was not impotent, although his instrument was small. Despite the size, medical personnel said it was still possible for the man to have sexual intercourse with his partner. The man must be ashamed of his organ, so he avoided any sexual encounter. This is where the issue of psychological incapacity came into the picture.

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So after the couple spent money on their wedding, everything turned to waste when they eventually separated when the court ordered the cancellation of their marriage. So the question is why did the man go as far as getting into marriage when he knew his problem in the first place? Did he really love his wife?

I think there is really something wrong with the man psychologically. If he knew his problem right from the start, he shouldn’t have married at all. What are your thoughts about this issue?

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