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The most powerful PTC site is PTCircle . more than 100000 payout ... !!!

Hi everybody!

I hope you have a great time and start a nice day.

Here I’ll going to show you how could you earn over 10$ and more and more daily just by click on Ads!

Just one more thing, be patient this way not going to earn 10$ from first day but after a month you start to earn a good income

Ok here we go …



1) Register


Go here and fill the boxes and sign up. Please register under me, if you’re not and register as a free without upline, then other members rent you as their referral so please just register by this link:


Register at PTCircle

also register here , this is PTCircle sister and the same admin

Go to your email and click the link and active your account. If you didn’t receive active link just check your spam box.


2) Verify


If it necessary , follow this step as I show in the picture:

3) Start

Go to Ads and start making money.

Warning: The lowest Ads shows first, so go down the page and

find the highest worth Ads there.

Note: You start as a free or Protium member so you have 15 Ads daily limit. So be smart and don’t waste your chance, click 0.03$ Ads so you earn 0.45$ daily.


4) Get Referrals


As others PTC sites, rent referrals to make money more. Each member is 1$ worth for infinite so be comfortable.

PTCircle has a great buxbonus. Click your 15 Ads daily then go to ad gird and click 30 (see the below picture), if you lucky you win 5$ but the most important you have to click all 30 so you can use buxbouns.

After click 15 Ads and 30 Ad gird go to buxbouns and get your 1$ bonus daily in your purchase balance.

Go to rented referrals and rent 1 referral and do it daily.

So you as a free or Protium member you earn 0.50$ + 1$ bonus = 1.5$.

You can’t withdraw that 1$ but it’s not important because you rent a referral and he bring you money in all time!!!

Another good about PTCircle is that referrals are active daily with high earning! (See my referrals)

Also you can refer your friends and get direct referrals so ear more.


5) Upgrade


As a free member you earn about 0.50$ daily by own and in avg 15*0.025 = 0.38$ by your referrals so you earn 0.88$ daily.

So if you want to earn more money you have to upgrade your membership.

Please before start anything just check this page:


6) Double your Income


One of best about PTCircle is that you can have 2 account with the same IP.

But be aware, you can have 2 account with the same IP but they have to have different payment e-wallet , email and account Id. And another thing you can’t refer second to first account!

Just remember read TOS

As I said

You can’t refer your second account to first because your account will be banned, so please register under me again:


Register at PTCircle


So, wait for first 15 days and click Ads daily. So you earn 0.45$ per day and also try buxbonus to get your 1$ and rent by it a referral. Keep it until your both account get 15 referrals. Now upgrade your account to Hydrogen by 6$.

Now you can earn 1.05$ plus 1$ bonus plus 0.40$ from your referrals clicks in other way you earn over 2.5$ for any account and it increase day by day as you rent more referrals.

Keep it up until both account get their 50 referrals then upgrade to a higher level and so on …


Don’t try to open more than 2 accounts or refer your second account to the first, if you do that you will be banned!!!


7) Withdraw


For first payment you have to Upgrade your account or add fund. This is not so important because PTCircle is most trusted PTC in the world and also you can use their forum and see others what says.

Also the next upgrade is just 6$ with more profitable so just upgrade your account.

But be aware first of all you have to take all 15 referrals, you have two chose:

First, Upgrade your account and buy 50 referrals so you can earn faster more than others


Second, be active every day and get your 1$ bonus every day to buy 1 referral and so on until you get 15 referrals , If you’re not do that, you waste some of money!


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