PTI achivements in KPK

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PTI pakistan tehreek  insaf is newly emerging political party in KPK . Imran khan is now determined to bring change in pakistan . almost he is successful in achiving his goal but alas due to unfair election of 11 may 2013 he could not won maximum seats in parliment but he got government in province KPK . Now he has changed alot of things in KPK changes in Health, Schools & Police Departments lets see 

Scholarships for KPK Jobless Master Students 

All unemployed , jobless master students will get scholarship on monthly basis till the time they get their job 


People can now file FIR online in KPK

now every one can register FIR online on this website

CCTV cameras installed in KPK Police Stations


during the government of PTI patwari corruption will be no more tolerated . patwari system will be no more fun 


PTI government has installed mobile court system in KPK to provide justice and peace to citizens on their door step 


PTI government is planning to install sports complex in FATA


health department is also improving in KPK 

First "Mobile Health Service Van" for rural areas


it is hope that this government will improve the standards of KPK and will bring happiness and prosperity in the province . 

may almighty ALLAH help PTI and may they bring positive changes for welfare of people


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