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A collection of some of my favorite classic Pashto/Pukhto proverbs which are rarely used nowadays, there are many possible reasons of Pashto's demise such as our struggle and focus on other languages and our contribution for other language literature which is a big concern besudes that we haven't noticed that majority of loyal Pashtuns as compared to past, I am sharing a beautiful stanza,

Wayi aghyar da dozakh zaba da, zaba jannat ta da Pukhto sara zam

However, Pashto language also is full of literature and there are many Pashtuns across the world who are contributing to this beautiful language of ours.

My collection is as following.

علم د ښه سړي نه ډېر ښه او د بد سړي نه ډېر بد جوړوي

"ilam da kha sari na der kha sarai ao bad sari na der bad sarai jorawi"

Learning makes a good man better, and an ill man worse.

خپل کار سره کار لره

"akhpal kar sara kar lara"
Let each one turn his mind to his own troubles.

داسې متل نشته چې رښتيا نه وي

"dase mathal nasta da che rikhtya na wi"
There is no proverb which is not true.

وخت د هر غم دوا دى

"Wakht da gham khwar dawa de"
Time softens all grieves.

تللى وخت بېرته په لاس نه راځي

"Tlalai wakht berta na razi"
Time flies never to be recovered.

عزت کوه عزت به دې کېږي

"Izzat kawa, izzat bade kegi"
He that respects is respected.

شتمنه ښځه به درنه غلام جوړوي

"Shatmana khaza ba darna ghulam jorawi"
He that marries for wealth sells his liberty.

دلته دم او قدم دواړه په حساب دي

"Dalta dam ao qadam dwara pa hisaab di"
Every wrong is avenged on earth.

کار په کولو کېږي

"Kaar pa kawalo kegi"
You cannot do anything by doing nothing.

د طاقت نه مهارت ښه دى

"Da taqat na maharat sha dai"
Skill is stronger than strength. 




One of the examples is "Rohi Mataluna" which is a collection of 1350 Pashto proverbs. 

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