Pulling someone down will never help you reach the top: Avoid crab mentality

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I have been a working gal for three years now, and I have been with 3 different companies with different industries. But one thing's common of the three is that I deal mostly with people, be it a client, a concessionaire or even with your co-employees. You see, I have tried making my way out from one company to another because I wanted to know what really fits for me doing, I guess it's human nature- trying to find something which we can be both good and comfortable. Stress is everywhere and that's normal for me. What I can't handle are those people trying to get their way up from every competition by backstabbing your co-employee for the sake of eliminating them from promotions. This is what we call as Crab Mentality. It is normal to come across with these kind of people and for me, they are the most difficult kind to handle.

They call them such because just like crabs in a bucket, when one wanted to get out the others will pull it back resisting the chance of one from escaping. This kind of mentality elevates from jealousy and insecurities which tend to be their defense against anyone who are of the same competition as they do. People having this possess such characteristics by bringing other people down and doing or even saying something that would be most advantageous to them.

watch how crabs pulling other crab to refrain from escaping

depiction of people having crab mentality

In office environments, the crab mentality can be particularly devastating, as coworkers snipe at each other to bring each other down, rather than congratulating someone who earns a promotion. These people are mostly the very reason why stress and tensions are present in a working environment thus creating management conflict between employees. When this conflict arises, it will create more unrelated problems which will then yield to lower internal cooperation and vague chance of achieving goals. 

The crab mentality can strike at all levels of life. Not just on working environment but also with some people you meet and greet every day. Be it from a family member, a close friend, a teacher, classmate, or some people who don't know you that well. 

As I have said, they are the most difficult kind of people to handle, and so I have researched as to how can I escape from this people and be at my best in working myself out from this struggling life. I'm going to share this excellent video from Neil Ball. He is an online entrepreneur, marketer, blogger and consultant. The video entitled “Crabs In A Bucket Or Crab Mentality And How To Be Successful And Escape The Crab Bucket of Life”.


The secret to have a successful life is not to pull some other people’s lives down to earn happiness and success in life. All of us are taking a path where everyone is suffering and struggling to attain our deepest goals for a better life from our chosen field. This crab attitude will give us nothing, lead us to nothing and will make us nothing. If we know how to use our hand, instead of pulling them, why not extend and lend them. Helping one another will surpass anybody’s pain and struggles. 

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