Punctuation marks

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The marks used in paragraphs to make the text more meaningful and understandable. These are called punctuation marks. Full stop: When the line is finished then full stop is placed at the end. Exclamation marks. These are used when sudden feelings are shown like alas! Hurrah! Wow! Etc. Brackets: These are used in paragraph when the information is written which is not a part of line or the detail meaning of a word. Apostrophe: This sign is used by adding s to words when possession is used. Like Ali's house.


Comma: It is used when the sense is complete and another line is started which is related to first one. Dash: It is a small pause in a line to show the silence. Dots: It is used when a line is continued. Question mark: It is used in the end of a sentence when questioned is asked. Like. What are you doing?


Square brackets: It is used when the reference is given in the sentence or paragraph. Capital letter: The first word of the sentence is start from capital letter. Ant the name of person, book, place, institution, organization is start with the capital letter.

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