Punjab, A Historical Province

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Punjab is a historical province. We can trace its history as far back as the Indus valley Civilization. The builders of this civilization settled here, and built the city whose remains are found today at Harappa near Sahiwal. Later, this province become a colony of the Aryans and it is said that some of the ancient sacred texts of Hinduism were written here, the Persian annexed Punjab to their empire around 500 BC, and later when Alexander the great invaded this region in 327 BC, Rajah Porus of Jhelum put up a brave resistance against the Greek conqueror. Porus was defeated but Alexander was so impressed by his bravery that he restored his kingdom.

Punjab was ruled by Hindus Rajahs until 11th century AD. When the Mahmoud of Ghazna spreads the message of Islam. Many natives converted to the new religion, and Punjab becomes mainly Muslim province within a few centuries. Its Eastern part, however, remained predominantly Hindus. Many of those Hindus later converted to Sikhism, a new religion that started during, 15th century.

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