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If we talk about our history there was always a leader wo take stand and lead his nation. There are a lots of qualities that must have a person to become a leader. If we talk about the qualities of a leader, the first one will come in our mind that the leader must be honest. Just only telling the truth is not enough, but a leader must be honest with his conduct. Honesty is must to get the public trust and to be confident. Public support just based on the honesty of the leader, therefore honesty is the major quality to become a leader.

A leader must have a vision, without a vision is look like running in the race and dont know the destination. A leader must have a vision to lead his nation and know what he is doing and what will be the condition after getting the destination. A leader lead by his example. In the past few decades, we have a great example of Quaid e Azam whoose struggle gave us a seperate country where we can live according to our culture and religion. Quaid e Azam didn't care about his career, he was a great laywer but he left that profession.

A leader must be selfless. Any one in the world who did a great work that was not for himself. A leader don't have fear of anything, he takes risk for a great purpose. If we conclude the various qualities of a leader , we ll say, a leader must be honest, a leader must have a vision, a leader must be determined and a leader must be selfless. A leader must b Intelligent to understand the situation and to lead his nation.

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