Qualities of an ideal student and its life style in the society

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An ideal student is always who is fully concentrate on his studies and follow the rules that are make in the school and colleges and also behave like a good person in the practical life.A good person always follow the rules and regulation that need to passing there life.

His aims and thinking are very high.He helps to maintain the discipline and obey the orders of his teachers.The personality of an ideal student are so attractive and have a well mannered behavior.They do not use hash words to his follow mans.

He always soft and polite in nature and gives respect not only elders but also younger.He always help the poor and needy peoples.An ideal student get an excellent scored in all the subject.They always believe on fair and without cheating papers in examination.

He work for the betterment of humanity and also show interest in social services.He try to find out the solution of society problems.In spite of all this he also take care of his health because he know that"health is wealth" and when he become a healthy than he done all the activity of life.

If an ideal student do any mistake,he apologize on it and do not repeat again.In short an ideal student is the future of nation and he become a leader of next generation.These student are the pillars of the country and always struggle for the betterment of society.

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