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Quality Content

Film Annex is the first website in the world to pay users in Bitcoin for content they create and share. Other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter gain revenue from advertising via their users, but do not share this revenue with the users. Film Annex is taking the approach of sharing the gained revenue and giving back to its users. This is incredibly innovative and very empowering for individuals around the world - particularly in developing countries.

One of the best ways to gain revenue using Film Annex is by maintaining a high Buzz Score. The Buzz Score measures the impact and influence of the content created - such as how much it was shared or viewed. The goal is to create content that will be engaging, meaning that other users will actually read and share your content. The key is not creating content, but creating quality content.

What is Quality Content?

Quality content is the most crucial step for users who wish to raise their Buzz Score and increase their daily gained revenue. The content should be engaging and capturing, drawing in other users to view and share. This doesn't only include context - imagery and presentation are important as well. Every blog post should have images, links and videos if possible. This will ensure a higher rating for users - increasing revenue. 

A quality film for Film Annex is one that has great context, as well as a capturing title with a detailed description. The film should be categorized according to context, such as comedy, technology, education, etc. It's also important to add relevant and engaging tags to blogs and videos. This will allow users who search to see your film before others who have not added tags or related channels

Buzz Score Overview

The Buzz Score rates users based on their influence. It is important to note that quality and quantity are two entirely different words. The Buzz Score doesn't measure how much content users upload, it measures how engaging the content is. Uploading numerous short and irrelevant blog posts or microblogs everyday will not give you a high Buzz Score!

It is much better to take your time when creating films and blogs on Film Annex. This will ensure that your content is properly categorized - and will help you gain a higher rating by the moderators on Film Annex. Instead of uploading 3 or 4 short blogs everyday, take the time to combine all of them into one great and engaging blog post - but don't forget the links, images and videos in your blog!

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