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Photo Credit: Querlo via LinkedIn.com

It's been a month since I posted a blog and my buzz score is already crashing down and I'n not that good in blogging, please bear with me as I try to do this post because I don't much have an idea about this topic. I will just share what I understand. So, I decided to try to post one. Three weeks ago Mickey the slanted salerno posted a higher reward topic which is Querlo. I wanted to try so, I read related articles and other blogs. 


I've encounter different chat bot before Querlo came, like Simsimi

Querlo is a patent-pending chatbot technology designed to identify, engage, and promote relationships with people (B to C) and clients (B to B), while building a proprietary qualitative database. - Querlo via LinkedIn.com


 Querlo is developed by MTI USA Inc. where bitmiles technology are use to pay for the users engagement. 

 (a sample embedded Querlo chat.)

Try the above embedded chat to know more about Querlo itself. 


1. Establishing a direct conversation and relationship with people
2. Learning more about their passions and interests
3. Educating them about the brand's or organization's initiatives
4. Building, owning and controlling a qualitative database and research - in Real Time*
5. Rewarding them for their interests and skills

The above is done with words, images and videos. Querlo is a, interactive chat and customizable API that can be implemented on any website, mobile app and social media platform, offering an easy-to- use 24/7 interface. Data is collected and documented in Real Time. - Querlo via LinkedIn.com

To sum up all the above benefits it is said that Querlo is building a communication while knowing their hobbies and at the same time cultivate them regarding brands actions also collecting their response to a directory for the future use along with rewards for them in actual time that is open nonstop. 



There are thirty-two (32) wide range of topics to choose from and where you are interested in. I just collected the topics so any one can have directly access on it. Just click the link below and have fun chatting with querlo but don't forget to collect your bitmiles. 

Screenshot via Different Querlo chat and edited by me

1. Are you a team player?
2. Is Judo a sport or way of life? 
3. How often do you travel?
4. How often do you go shopping?
5. What is your favorite sport?
6. What is most likely to have a future? Bitcoin? or the Block Chain?
7. Do you think politicians are honest?
8. Do you play games on your cellphone?
9. Do you know how much it cost to plant a tree?
10. What is your favorite type of investment?
11. Do you prefer to win or not to lose? 
12. Who is your favorite singer? 
13. What kind of movies do you like? 
14. Have you ever tried to go on a diet? 
15. Do you support women's empowerment? 
16. Do you prefer olive oil or butter?
17. How many feet are in a mile?
18. Which professional sport league you prefer to watch?
19. How punctual are you?
20. Do you like pets?
21. Do you like the USA politics?
22. Do you like golf?
23. What do you think of Stop and Frisk?
24. What do you know about Prisons?
25. Evolution or Devolution of China?
26. Eid Celebration
27. How's your Nightlife?
28. Body Size and Shopping
29. How often do you travel?
30. Rugby fan! How much do you know about Rugby?
31. Querlo on Health and Wellness
32. Querlo Restaurants Template 


Video Credit: Sky High Advertising via YouTube.com

To know more about Querlo just watch the video about its real-time crowd sourcing data. 



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