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I’m here among you with an amazing technology of bitlanders which is querlo and on my today’s blog, I would like to discuss it. I hope that you will like it.
So friends let’s start our blog by getting to know about a simple definition of Querlo.

What is Querlo?


Image Credits: Querlo & edited by Asad Munib

Querlo is an amazing MTI USA managed technology which helps us to understand about different kinds of information. Querlo helps us a lot to know about various things through chat survey questions and we understand things very easily with details. Querlo is managed by MTI USA which is also managing bitlanders. Querlo has a good reputation among the business world and in companies due to it’s very simple and easy to know technology. Querlo helps us to get information about any topic.


Image Credits: linkedin.com

Querlo chat survey website is below.


You can login to the querlo website using your bitlanders id and password. On the querlo website, you can also create your very own chat survey on any topic of your choice.


Image Credits: Twitter.com

Querlo chat surveys have various benefits which are further discussed below.

Easy to use:


Image Credits: Querlo & edited by Asad Munib

Querlo chat surveys are very easy and simple. Anyone can use them, answer them and understand them completely. There is nothing hidden and you can clearly find your desired information. Surveys are created by different people and you just have to answer the question and you can find your desired answers and information.

Easy to create:


Image Credits: Querlo & edited by Asad Munib

Querlo chat surveys are also very easy to create and you can make your own survey questions and it is very simple and easy. You can create your very own chat surveys and then can post these surveys anywhere else on the web. You can create chat surveys about any topic of your choice and then can paste the embed code on any other website to be able for others to visit your chat survey.

Gifs and pictures addition:


Image Credits: blogs.podium.com

You can add pictures and gifs in your chat survey to get more visitors and to tell people more clearly about your querlo chat survey. Because someone has said, “A picture consists of thousands of words”. So Querlo has this option and you can also add pictures to your chat surveys to inspire people about your chat survey.

Querlo chat surveys share option:


image Credits: wordpress.org

You can share your chat survey on your own website very easily by simply adding the embed code to the website. Your embed code will be copied through the Querlo website and it is simply added to any HTML supported website. Just copy your embed code, paste it into your website and show your own Querlo chat survey to the entire world.

Promoting business:


Image Credits: http://www.northshorewinecellars.com 

You can promote your own business through Querlo chat surveys and it is very easy and simple. You just have to create your own Querlo chat and then show on several web pages to show your customers. Your business will be promoted through this way and it is very simple and easy method.

Free method for business promotion:

Using querlo for business promotion is not only simple but also the free method for business promotion. Using Querlo technology you can freely promote your business and it is very easy.

Easy to understanding:

Using Querlo technology you can easily tell your customers about your business and its products and it is very easy to tell them the entire details about your business through simple survey questions.

Customer’s reaction and answers:

Using Querlo you can easily get customer’s reviews and suggestions. They will tell you your opinions and so it is easy to overcome some issues which may occur due to customer’s reactions. You can also tell your customers different methods and similar items for your products.

Querlo has unique benefits and features which will give you many advantages and so it is easy to promote your products and business over the web. Now I would like to tell you some most common surveys chats which inspired me a lot.

Do you support women’s empowerment?


Image Credits: https://thefearlessindian.in


When I saw this amazing chat survey, I was astonished that someone has tried very best to tell the women empowerment. A woman should have equal rights in education, work and in every matter of life. This querlo chat gives us awareness about this is0.

sue and it must be covered. Answer the survey questions and get knowledge about women rights which must be well known by every person.

Here is the survey chat with you.


Survey credits: http://www.querlo.com/chat/5629

Do you play games on cell phones?


Image Credits: http://cdn.playbuzz.com


I love this chat survey because I also love games and playing games on my android mobile and tablet. These games are very amazing, lovely and having great graphics. I like playing racing games, sports games, adventure games and much more. This survey chat tells us about games on mobile and lets us tell them our thinking.

Here is the survey chat for you! Answer the questions and enjoy the chat survey.


Survey credits: http://www.querlo.com/chat/1637

How often do you go shopping?

Video Credits: Youtube via Vogue channel


This survey is about shopping and purchasing clothes and different items. I think women may answer very well about this survey, haha just joking. This survey tells us various things which we may not know about shopping. The survey is presented here to you hope you will love it.

Credits: http://www.querlo.com/chat/1526


Dear friends, above I have mentioned some most common chat surveys and there are also many more chat surveys which are available online and helps us to understand various new things on the internet and in our daily life.

Video Credits: Youtube via sky high Advertising

I will make the end of my this blog here by saying that querlo technology is very useful and innovative for business people and can help them to promote their business very easily and in a new style.
Hope you may have liked my Querlo chat survey blog. Thanks for my all friends who took time in reading my blog. Thanks for your kindness.

Wish you all best of luck.

Happy blogging on bitlanders,

Asad Munib

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