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As a good friend of mine recently informed me, Micky has given us the task to contribute and give our opinion through blog posts on the topic of Internet Privacy & Querlo. You can check this information as usual on his Blogs' section, where he describes the details, the requirements, deadline, and of course, the thing that is most important for every blogger on bitLanders - the rewards. "Surprisingly", all blogs related to this current topic will receive additional buzz bonus, but I'll let you check those yourselves.



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To be honest, my first reaction when I heard about the topic was "This is a too difficult topic!" But, now that I had some time and I was researching and checking more about it, indeed I think this is a good opportunity for me to express my thoughts on such serious and global concept, which internet privacy is. And moreover, regarding the Yahoo! data breaches, that were one of the recent top news concerning security online.



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I'm sure most people are aware of the company Yahoo!, but briefly, this is a web mail service provider, which is available across the globe, and offers a variety of internet services to its users, depending on their needs. Some quick examples of services are Yahoo! Mail (mail provider), Yahoo! Search (search engine), Yahoo! News (news portal), etc. I do have a Yahoo! account as well, for 17 years now, and it's also the first email account I've ever had. Back in the time when I created it, their web pages had a different design, and fewer features, as one can expect.



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Yahoo! Security Breaches



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Small portions of the information about the events in Yahoo! started floating on the internet at the end of 2016, leading to multiple debates and speculations regarding exactly what and how happened. Two data breaches were revealed, both of them - occurred long before they were actually announced - one of them dating from the end of 2014, and the other one - August 2013. Surely, that led to multiple investigations and legal procedures were started, in order to find out the reasons, the motivation of the hackers, who they are, and also the most important part - to take measures to prevent this from happening in the future.

Another data breach occurred on Yahoo! servers in August 2013; ... Similar data as from the late 2014 breach had been taken from over 1 billion user accounts, including unencrypted security questions and answers.


These attacks were not only very serious; in fact, the attack from 2013 was the biggest one of this kind known so far. Not to mention that the information online and the company itself revealed that the hackers were able to compromise so many accounts without even the need of their passwords. This raises the logical question - is our information safe enough and protected?



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In the light of this events, it seems that the right of people to have and practice their internet privacy is definitely violated. Not only that, but an event of such scale, affecting so many individuals/accounts/users, can have a major impact on society as a whole. And the consequences of a compromised account can be major considering the types of data that were exposed - this information could be easily used in the future, or affect other parts of the user's internet presence.


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You can check more about the Yahoo! data breaches at the following links:


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Steps to Secure Your Account


It is crucial for every individual to take care and protect his/her accounts. I believe things start with you, it doesn't matter how a company preserves your data, or how secure and safe they claim their services are. If you are not careful about your own actions - none of these matters. Here are some tips on how to implement and make sure you're one idea more protected when using your accounts:


               1.  Use a different password for each and every website or service you use online! Okay, this one is harsh, you'll have to come up with different ideas to remember or save those many passwords using various software, tools, encryption services or whatever it might be. But, at the end of the day, think about it. If one of your accounts gets compromised, this doesn't mean that you should make it that easy to the hackers and allow them to enter all other important profiles you might have, right?



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               2.  Be careful what information you keep online. It's important to realize, that if you preserve all important files and data in one place, this could be easily turned against you. If possible, store valuable stuff on your hard drive or split things between several accounts online. The best option will always be to keep things offline (using USB drive or similar) so that hackers will have no options of accessing them remotely.



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               3.  Don't give too much personal information to people. I know it might be tempting to share your story with friends or colleagues, but this is potentially dangerous and makes you vulnerable as this exposes you to people who might want to get something from you. I'm not saying one should be paranoid about it, but at least, don't give your password to strangers, nor to your family, or to your best friend (especially, don't share it with your best friend!) :D


Hopefully, you understood my point - the fewer people know about you, the safer you are. And to stay safe is a very very major thing, in case you have something to hide or a sensitive data to preserve. Information is power - don't give it to your enemy.


Querlo and Data Privacy


Querlo is a consulting firm that providing “Emotional Chatbot" solutions and data management aimed to support businesses in the use and humanization of Artificial Intelligence.



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In the light of the security issues that arise not only in Yahoo!, but were discovered in other big companies as well, I'd like to talk about Querlo and its share in data storage and protection. As you might already know, Querlo - the chatbot with a heart, can be used to collect sensitive information from current/potential customers and then this data could be used for various purposes.


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There is no need to mention that such data requires proper protection as in the cases of companies which would like to base their marketing campaign on it, the success of their strategy could depend on the proper storing and security of the information. That's why Querlo offers an option to store the data directly on the clients' servers and actively engages in taking care of its customers' best interests. This data doesn't get shared with other companies, and is available and known only by the customer.



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If you haven't heard about Querlo yet, now it's the time to check their website www.querlo.com and learn more about this innovative and extremely useful technology. This is Querlo - it's fun, it's multifunctional, it's customizable. Since the launch of the chatbot, many successful campaigns were organized and conducted by leading companies on the market. Check also the case studies here:


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Querlo keeps upgrading in time to satisfy customers' and users' needs. I'm confident that in the future it will keep developing for the better and will have a massive success contributing to the experience that people have with different brands.



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Hope you enjoyed my blog! Thanks for reading!



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