Querlo’s collaboration with Unilever and GRBN: Paragon Partnership and Global Research Business Network in union with UNILEVER and QUERLO combined forces to stimulate awareness and embolden participation in the 17 point plan of the UN Global Goals

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This article aims to educate each and every one of us about the vast issues our planet is facing right now.  I believe that being well informed of those concerns which I know not being given much importance in the last few years will help us survive and sustain our lives thereby be able to provide a better place to live for the next generations and the generations to come.

The 17 points plan which are given priority by the United Nations Global Goals is not an issue that has to be resolved by one or two persons only, however the participation of every single person from anywhere in the world will have a significant influence on the possible solution on the different issues and that will eventually benefit all.  I believe that being fully aware of what is happening in our environment and knowing the effect of our every little actions will be of big help in order to achieve harmony with people around as well as with nature. 

Things that will be discussed below would somehow give us ideas about every issues that has to be given importance by the government with the involvement of the NGO’s, academics, some research companies, etc. 


Development expertise and experience, UNCTAD is already implementing a number of the Sustainable Development Goals



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Read on and be part of the worldwide campaign against poverty, climate change, and inequality.


Want to know how QUERLO contribute to the success of this campaign?



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Querlo research is proud to join forces with Unilever and GRBN in the support of the Paragon Partnerships initiatives. Querlo will provide its research and conversational technology to gather real time qualitative and quantitative data from any region of the World, including emerging and developing markets.– Bitlanders via www.bitlanders.com     

This means QUERLO is taking its milestone being involved in a worldwide campaign of the United Nations and this definitely not just a small time project. It tackles almost all important issues that could somehow save the world from being devastated when it comes to handling properly the issue on climate change, not to mention being able to save millions of people from dying due to hunger or poverty.


To learn more about Querlo you may watch the video below or click here.  Or if you wish to contact Querlo you may send email to info@Querlo.com


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To learn more about this initiative and share with us your thoughts please click below on the Querlo Real Time Research banner: 

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This will be Querlo’s BIG break to prove to the world its importance or significance in gathering real time data needed to draw a conclusion and appropriate actions to combat climate change, fight injustice and disparity around the world, data that has to be taken from respondents all over the world.  With this project, I am pretty sure that Querlo will be known to everyone, this is a good form of advertisements thus expecting for a more clients and bigger income for MTI USA being the owner of this enormous and amazing technology.


A plan for people and planet was launched in 2015 - the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. 

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Moreover, the role of Querlo back to back with Paragon a Unilever initiated company and GRBN is very essential in pursuit of the future we all want.  The information will be made available to all by using their state of the art facility or technology. The partnerships are committed to help the Governments, Academics and NGOs tackle the UN Global Goals by providing access to quality data and insights on the issues that the world is currently facing. You can learn more here.


Will they be successful?

There is one important question here that we should talk about on the issue whether or not this partnerships would be able to fully contribute to the solutions of several problems our world is having right now.  And before going into the answer, we should consider that those “to-do-list for the planet” (17 point plan of the Global Goals) will only be achieved if everyone plays their part and eventually work together, no single body, government or industry will be able to find solutions to address these issues.  As I mentioned earlier, this pursuit is not a battle that can be solved by one or person only but it’s gonna be a worldwide battle with each and every human being is involved, I mean must get involved in order to acquire the desired result in due time, thus our only hope is to be united and work together.


The challenge is for everyone all over the world.


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The data/graph below shows the active participation of a lot of people in the survey showing both Peace & Justice and Good Health as the most important among the 17 points goal.


Photo Credit:  Nielsen via http://sites.nielsen.com/newscenter/research-for-a-more-sustainable-future/ 


So going back to the question whether research can be used to improve lives?  The answer is yes. There are many groups that are really resolute to use data and insight to improve people’s live.  And that’s where the corporation of Paragon, GRBN and Querlo enters into the scene.  Click here to learn more.

“This is going to open up a new venue for market research agencies all around the world to contribute to this noble cause. And that makes me so proud of the industry I belong to. I encourage all agencies to join this effort and contribute as much as they can.” - Elaha Mahboob via www.linkedin.com/pulse/querlo-joins-forces-unilever-grbn-support-paragon-elaha-mahboob?trk=prof-post&trk=hp-feed-article-title-share


I think with Querlo, more and more people will be reached and be informed about this worldwide campaign which I really find it very significant.  Encouraging people to participate by helping in the research or by donating resources or simply doing the right thing every day when it comes to the preservation of the environment and to dealing with every people from every race (equality) in the right manner.  If not then we should expect a fall or failure to be able address all those challenges within the target time (2030).  Honestly I myself is innocent and oblivious about the UN goals if not because of bitLanders and Querlo I will never know about this partnership and the UN goal to save lives which is ongoing.  


The photos below show the first 4 of the list of United Nation's 17 Goals to Transform our World.


There are more than 800 million hungry people in a world and to end poverty as one of the UN Global Goals is indeed a noble goal.


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 People may not know it but such a huge number of people going to bed hungry is so alarming.  We should act on it or else...


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 The 3rd is as important to the rest of the goals, health is wealth so being healthy could give us the ability to do things in order to alleviate our condition in life.


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I believe that educating people will give them a chance to live a better life.


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Sequel of this blog will be out soon, watch for it for additional information regarding Querlo and the United Nation Global Goals. 




By: TRB - A father of 5, an Overseas Filipino Worker and willing to be part of the worldwide campaign       against poverty, climate change, and inequality. 

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