Question of the Beggar.

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I am Muslim and I live in a Muslim Country (Pakistan), It is Important for all of Muslims to pray on Friday. After the Namaz (Prayer) usually there are some beggars sitting at the gate of the mosque to beg from the prayer'rs. This Previous Friday our Imam spoke about "How mother and God are related". He told us that God loves a man like 70 mothers could combine and love the one Person. Listening to that I was coming out of the mosque and there was a handicapped beggar sitting at the gate of the mosque. The beggar called me and said " Imam sahb always compare God with mother, why?" I said there is a relation b/w both of them. He stopped me and said " when I was young My mother begged for me so that I could eat something. She did everything in Her reach that I asked for. On the other hand I always ask from the God to do something for He never hear, He never replies." He continued "You are looking educated and I am just a Handicapped begger, now you tell me, Whom should I respect the most my Mother or God?". I was astonished by his questioned his words and the body language and tone kicked my mind.I am still looking for the answer of the beggar's Question.