Questions and Answers About bitLanders with LookUp - Episode 01

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Questions and Answers About bitLanders with LookUp - Episode 01

Hello guys~! LookUp again here :3 I hope you never get bored reading my blog. I'm dedicated this blog for newbies in bitLanders. If you're old user, you can skip this blog but don't forget to give me buzz or comment :D As one of old user, I always got various questions about bitLanders from other user. Sometimes I answer their questions but sometimes I ignore their questions (sorry guys :3) because some reason. That's why in this blog I'll try to collect frequently asked questions by bitLanders users and answer them one by one. I'll divide this blog into some episode since there are still many questions need to answer. Happy reading~!

Question: What is bitLanders?


bitLanders is a free social platform that rewards its users for their content and social activity

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If you want to know more details about what is bitLanders you can check bitLanders about page or bitLanders FAQ. And I'm sure many bitLanders users has described about bitLanders in their own blog and you can check them too. 

As for me, I could say that bitLanders is social media platform where you can share your quality and original contents and get rewards from it. So far I still enjoy being a bitLanders users and most of my online time spent in bitLanders. One reason is because I can chat with friends from around the world and it's very fun to know more about them and their country. Other than that, I could improve my English here because mostly I'm using English to talk to other user.

Question: Do you really get money from bitLanders?



"Proof of payment in my PayPal account from bitLanders"

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I often get this question from a newbie either in Global Chat or in inbox. They asked whether bitlanders really pay? As a newbie, this question is reasonable. Because they want to know if they really could get money from bitLanders before they start activities in bitLanders, and of course to avoid wasting time if later it turns out to be scam after they spent so many times in here. I have joined in bitLanders for nearly 12 full months and I've proved that bitLanders really paying its users. You can see the proof above. If you still do not believe, you can ask the old user about this matter.

Question: How can I get bitcoin from bitLanders?


Bitcoin is no longer available on bitLanders

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This is also one of the questions I often read from newbie. If you know about bitLanders from articles on the Internet, you must have thought that you could get bitcoin from here. You are wrong. Payment via bitcoin is no longer available on bitLanders. Indeed one of the main attractions of bitLanders at first is that you can get bitcoin from here and it has attracted a lot of bitcoin lovers to join bitLanders.

However, since February 2016 bitLanders has changed its policy on payment and replace bitcoin with PayPal and Payza. At first a lot of users are complaining why bitcoin payments should be eliminated and eventually many users have left from bitLanders because disappointed with the decision.

Question: How does bitLanders work?


More buzz score = More earning

The working concept of bitLanders is similar like other social media. Such as facebook, if in the facebook there is 'Like' button then here in bitLanders there is 'Buzz' button on each post. Post in bitLanders divided into four section: microblog, blog, video, and gallery. One thing that affects buzz score is the amount of buzz that you get on each post

One of the unique things of bitLanders is their treasure box. Every day you will get a treasure box containing daily earning that you earned that day. The amount of earning that you get will depend on your buzz score, therefore buzz score become very important for bitLanders users. In addition to getting an update on earning and buzz score, you will also get an update on your rank in bitLanders. You can see on the Leader Board about your daily earning along with your rank. So the main thing that you have to do to get great earning is by increasing the buzz score.

Question: What is bitMiles Loyalty Points?


bitMiles Loyalty Points is bitLanders currency 

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Many bitLanders users are still confused with bitMiles Loyalty Points (BM) especially new users. In fact, I was also confused when bitMiles Loyalty Points (BM) first introduced by bitLanders.

About 3 months ago bitLanders introduce bitMiles Loyalty Points (BM) as a replacement for bitcoin. Yeah, you could say that bitMiles Loyalty Points (BM) is the currency used by bitLanders. You can it change with PayPal or Payza, or use for donations or purchase everything that available in shop. All you need to remember are:

1 gBM = 1,000 kBM = 1,000,000 BM
1 kBM = 1,000 BM
1 gBM = 1,000,000 BM = approximately $1

You can check Micky-The-Slanted-Salerno's blog titled 'How bitMiles Loyalty Points Work' if you still confused about this. And you can hover your cursor mouse in your earning and you will see how much it worth in dollars.

Question: What is buzz score?


Buzz score is scoring system used by bitLanders

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One important distinction between bitLanders with other social media is this buzz score. You can read details about buzz score here. All you need to note is that the buzz score will greatly affect your daily earning. The higher your buzz score, the higher your earning too

I just want a bit of explaining the basics about the buzz score. Buzz score is determined by two things: 'Direct Power Up and Base Buzz'. You can see it on user page.

  1. Direct Power Up
    You can increase direct power up by completing daily quests. You can also get it by buying anything in the shop such as buying gems, outfits, or donations that have special signs like: '+1 or Buzz for five days'. That means you'll get an additional 1 buzz bonus for 5 days, and after 5 days the buzz bonus will be expired. And lastly, you can get direct power up by submitting content for review. You will get buzz bonus in accordance with the number of stars you got on your content and will be valid for 5 days.
  2. Base Buzz
    I'm still not sure how to improve this base buzz. But one thing is for sure you can improve it by submitting content for review. Once your content is reviewed your base buzz will definitely rise dramatically. And be prepared, because sometimes your base buzz can fall without notice. Yeah, base buzz still mystery even for me. 

One thing that distinguishes them is that you can predict when direct power up will end but you will not know when your base buzz will fall.

Question: How to raise the buzz score?


Buzz Score = Direct Power Up + Base Buzz

"My buzz score trend"

Image snapped and edited by me

Yeah, you can increase the buzz score by improving direct power and base buzz (read previous explanation). Not long ago, there's update about new rules in bitLanders that affect how buzz score will be counted. You can check Micky-The-Slanted-Salerno's blog titled '[Update] Rules on Content on bitLanders' and read the rules number 2:


2. Only the buzz given and received on content (blogs, videos, galleries) that has been rated 2 stars or higher will count in the BuzzScore.


Yeah, only rated post with 2 stars or higher that will count in our buzz score. So my advice to raise the buzz score is you have to submitting content for review constantly. As for me, usually I'm submitting blog for review once a week or twice a week if I'm not busy. And it really help to maintain my buzz score, my rank, and of course my earning. And also keep in mind that the content submitted for review should be original content and not copied content and read more about bitLanders rules on Micky-The-Slanted-Salerno's blog post. You have to follow bitLanders rules if you don't want your account get suspended or banned permanently from bitLanders. 

Question: How to get more gems?


By completing quest or buy it from shop

"BitGoodie page where you can buy gems"

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This is also one of the most frequently asked questions by newbie. When they didn't have gems or lack of gems to use it for submit their content for review, they always ask how to get more gems.

As you've known, when you joined bitLanders, you will get over 20 gems for free by completing some quests. Things that need to be considered by a newbie is do not use gems arbitrary because it's precious. With 20 gems you can use it to submit 2 contents for review and it will raise your buzz score drastically.

Other than that, you can also get gems by buy it at the shop. With approximately $3 GBM you can get 25 gems and 1 buzz bonus for 5 days. If you do not have a sufficient balance to buy gems, you can buy it through PayPal and of course the price will be higher because its fee.

Question: Where can I see my earning?


You can see it in Rewards page

"My rewards page to see your earning"

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This question sounds ridiculous for me because your earning is clearly visible, but someone asked me about this once. You can see your earning total all time in the upper corner beside your avatar icon. Beside that, you can also see your earning through many ways such as the following:

  1. Rewards page
    On this page you can see clearly your current balance and also your earning total all time. Hover your cursor mouse in the earning and you will see how much your earning in dollars. Click on the 'Details' option to see the details of your earning total that month.
  2. User page
    Simply click your buzz score to open user page. On this page you can see statistics about your daily revenues and also the all-time revenues in the revenues trend.
  3. Leaderboard and Treasure Box
    If you want to know your earning that day, you can see it on the Leaderboard. And each day you will get treasure box in specific time which show you your daily earning.

Question: How to withdraw money from bitLanders?


Go to Rewards page and click withdraw

"Payout page where you choose amount of your withdrawal"

Image snapped by me

Before you withdraw your money, make sure you have balance at least 10 gbm or $10. Go to 'Rewards page' and click 'Withdraw' option or you can simply visit 'Payout page' here. Then select the payment processor and how much money you want to withdraw and click 'Buy'. Before that, first make sure that you have an account on PayPal or Payza. Click 'Redeem' and enter your email address of your PayPal or Payza account and wait an email from bitLanders customer service and follow their instructions. 

Keep in mind that the first withdrawal requires quite a long time because you have to verify your account first. Maybe around 2 weeks or more. And withdrawal via Payza usually take more time than via PayPal, so just be patient and wait. 

If you still have some questions about bitLanders, please leave a comment or inbox me and I will consider to answer your question in my next blog.^^





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