Questions for photographers.

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Questions for photographers.


1, Tell us a little bit about yourself?
2, What does photography mean to you?
3. How you become a Photographer?
4, What type of photography do you do most? And what do you enjoy most and why?
5, Did you go to school to study photography?
6, What styles do you specialize in?
7, What Inspires you most?
8, What is the most challenging part about being a photographer for you?
9, How do you get the person or thing that is in front of the camera onto the film, chip or paper the way you want?

10, Which photographers influenced you?

11, What technology/software/camera gear do you use to keep focused on what you do best, as you photograph?

12, Exactly what it is you want to say with your photographs, and how do you actually get your photographs to do that?

13, What was your career path? How did you get from being an aspiring photographer to actually doing it full time, for a living?

14, How do you get paid to do what you want to do with your photography?

15, What makes the good picture stand out from the average?
16, What is the influence of digital technology on your photography?
17, How important is it for a photographer to “connect” with his subjects to bring out their true self?
18, Can you walk us through the actual process that you use to set up a portrait?
9, Can you walk us through the actual process that you use to set up a portrait?
20, What was your scariest moment as photographer?

21, Tell us any interesting incident you had which brings smile on your face till now.

22, Is it easy to deal with beautiful models and work with them on your conditions?

23, Do models irritate you sometimes?

24, Who is your favourite model so far, or it keeps changing everyday ;-)

25, What is your best pricing tip for photographers?

26, How important is photoshop in your final images?

27, Do you have any plans of establishing photography courses Academy?

28, Where you see yourself after 10 years in this field?

29, Any guidelines for the beginers?

30, What will be your words for your Fans?

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