Quiet cash - How I make an extra $65 everyday doing almost nothing new while everyone else spams facebook groups with their lin

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Ok… unlike most ebook courses I won’t be trying to load this
with useless writing. This will be all about high value content.
Stuff you can actually use!
This is NOT about a tool. Actually I`ll be showing you the tool I
use and recommend. But what you WILL achieve after
completing this course is several things, including


- Know how and where to select high converting FREE
- Know how to be more social while making money in the
back end
- Know how to use the top affiliate networks

You WILL learn these by actually DOING and not stressing
yourself with theory!


Also you will do these spending less than a minute per day.
You just can`t avoid technology if you want good results, so I
will show you what I use

Following are 2 videos.
Video 1 presents a very common social media marketing
problem to explain what I`m going to solve.
Are you doing this?
Well, as a newbie I used to… and even bought software to help
me do more.
But no matter how much more I did, the results sucked!
Watch Video 1 HERE to understand what I am talking about:


Video 1: The Problem

Video 2 is a solution I came across about 2 months ago. This
works like gangbusters!
You have a great offer, MLM, CPA, whatever… then this will get
you sales!
Go watch Video 2 HERE:

Video 2: The Solution

- No blasting friends and groups with biz op links, instead do
normal social sharing (they will never know it`s your link in the
back end when it hits them)
- Your social share shows up in your newsfeed in full display
without exposing your link
- Every friend and friend of friends who shares your link is
virally marketing on your behalf as their friends would see your
offers too
- No need to learn programming or tech stuff. Just place your
social link AND the offer you want sold. Great way to get leads!
AND… this can be done equally easy on Pinterest, Google+,
Digg, Twitter and others!!!


You will notice that Wordpress is used to install the software.
If you don`t yet have wordpress, no problem - here are 2
1. Get the free version here: wordpress.com
2. Get my done-for-you service created only for Quiet Cash
users. This is actually a free service, but you will need to
buy a domain ($12) and hosting ($1). We will create a
ready-to-go wordpress blog and fully install your copy of
TrustJacker within 24 hours

To request Option 2, send a support ticket with the subject
‘Trustjacker’ to: http://completemarketer.com/helpdesk


See again, the Product I used in the Video: Trustjacker
Now, if you find that I went a bit quickly in the video, no problem.
Because you will get full training along with the tool. See screen shot

Ninja Setup
Also - I use a rotator and a special set of offers that convert very
highly. If you want more info on my special setup and how I
create my campaigns in less than 10 seconds each day, click the
link below to join my brand new facebook group where you can
find out.
What are you Selling?
Although bizzop type offers will sell via this method, my best
results have come from CPA & Affiliate offers.
Have no fear, you’re covered. After purchasing the software,
you will have access to 2 powerful videos showing you EXACTLY
where and how to get high-converting offers.
See the following screen shot:



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