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Whether its meaning may vary from one to another individual, but all of us desire to live a successful life. However, not everyone of us reaches to that 'successful' point in life. It is because of the habits and thinking we keep through entire life.

Some people believe the fate is what decides the happenings of life. In fact, the keys to different fates are hidden in our different habits that apparently look necessary. But these habits keep pushing us towards failure or in other words, they are not helpful in achieving success.

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So if you aspire to get a successful life, quit these simple things or habits.

Trying to attain perfection or idealism

Willing to become ideal actually takes us away from success. This is not a real and good way to bring life towards improvement. It makes us realize that we can never become as successful as others. Moreover, it pulls us backwards in the race of life.

Keeping eyes on small goals

Give place to bigger goals by making your visions and thinking broader. Moving forward in life can be painful and hard but it is important for success.

Fake personality

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Seeing and listening real expressions of weakness increases increases courage in one. Truth and courage do not always guarantee satisfactory results. But they make our personality strong.

Waiting for Luck

It is not possible to deny the importance of luck at all and coming of good times may be caused by luck. But, it should be remembered that if we keep waiting for the to become lucky, we will never be able reach any type of success. Therefore, it is important to keep ourselves always ready for moving forward.

Waiting for the right time

We are in fact fooling us when we think we need to wait for the right time, right place and right person to become successful. Whereas, right time is always present that needs to be discovered since it will not discover us.

Need for Permission

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Do not let others' thoughts capture your inside, it is nothing more than wasting a precious time.

Trying all alone

Even if you can do it without others, you will need to make more efforts in case of attempting alone. It will also remove the element of fun from life.

Making promises you cannot fulfill

Remember to make no promises at all but if you ever do, try to fulfill it. Fulfilling your promise will keep people's trust on you.

Sticking to your weaknesses

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There are weak aspects in everyone's life but they can be overcome. One should make efforts to get control on them while giving attention to strong aspects.

Blaming others

It is the sign of cowardice to accuse others and you have to pay its price in the form of your respect and honor. Whether the mistake is made by us or anyone else, blaming others is never an option. We should rather keep eyes in solving the resulting errors from the mistake.

Lost in the past

The habit of being lost the the past does not let one moving forward in life. You should always live in the present. The future is not depended on the past, it rather begins from the present.

Trying to satisfy everyone


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While trying to get everyone's satisfaction, you are giving certainty to the failure in life. Only try to satisfy yourself and someone who is very important for you.

Keeping envy for someone

It is just a waste of time to when you keep envy from people. It also eliminates the happiness. This habit keeps us from working hard to achieve something and just annoying ourselves because of someone else.

Scaring from changes

Changes occur with time in life whether because of our will or without it. Facing it is the best thing to do while always trying to make it best for us.

Trying to make no mistake ever


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The only biggest mistake in your life is to avoid risks, and not acting courageously. The other mistakes are the ones you should not be afraid of. Mistakes teach us the ways that should be avoided in next time.

Saying 'I cannot do it'

You should never give up because each attempt is fruitful and helps you learn paths that should not be followed next time. Never talk to yourself in negative manner.

Not keeping secrets

People with small minds like to reveal things about others. Instead doing so, talk on your own thoughts. When speaking to someone about a third person, speak in sympathetic and helpful way.

Losing hope when fail


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Losing does not mean you cannot get up after falling. Paths to success become clearer after failures.

Always complaining

If you spend time while complaining about the past, you can never find time to make your future better. So smart people do not care about the time that is never coming back; they care about the time that is coming.

Companionship of negative minded people

Negative people are scared of trying and if you live around them, they will keep you from trying and thus, stopping from reaching heights of success. If you have such friends, it is time to move yourself up or away from them.

Comparing with others


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Comparing yourself with others is another reason to remove happiness from your life. Never care about what people are doing; just learn only the good work from them.

Thinking that you cannot bring change

Everyone of us can bring change in life and together, we can change many things.

That is it. Start quitting the above mentioned habits from now and it will be first step to bring change. Here is a motivational video to keep you warmed up.

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