Quran and Science

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Quran is a holy book of Muslims religion. Quran discusses about various topics but we will discuss about Quranic information on science. Quran gives us detailed information about science. When we read Quran to search scientific information in Quran, we find that this book touches every little topic of science. Now we examine Quran to find scientific topic in Quran one by one.

1) The light of Moon is reflected 

Quran tells us about this topic very clearly that Moon has not own light but it reflects from sun, Quran had told this information when any scientist had not any little information about it.




The Sun Rotates



2) In this verse Quran discusses about a very important topic that every heavenly body is swimming in own orbit.

The Sun will extinguish after a certain period

Science cannot tell us about this topic because this topic is out of range from scientific studies but Quran discusses this topic in certain manner. Quranic verse says ………


4) The expanding Universe


Quran had told about this topic but science recently discussed about it.



                              GEOLOGY IN QURAN

The water Cycle

In Quran we find various verses which discuss this knowledge. But here I code only three verses from Quran.




 Winds impregnate the clouds.



                                         Geography in Quran

Mountain is like pegs


This verse shares knowledge that when this earth was made that time it was moving, it was not able to residence human being but Allah has created mountain as a peg for earth.





                         Oceanology in Quran

Barrier between sweet and salt water

It is a great reality which in being discovered by scientists today but Quran had told us before a hundred years ago of this discovery.




When the water from one sea enters the other sea, it loses its distance and becomes homogenized with the water. In a way this barrier as a transition  al homogenizing area

Darkness in the depth of the Oceans.

Below a depth of 1000 meters there is compete darkness



Biology in Quran


Every living thing is made of water

The basic substance of gell is made of 80 % water. Modern research has also revealed that most of organism 50 to 90 % water.







Plants created in pairs.

Plants in this world are created in pairs, Male and Female.





Everything in this world made in pairs.

And all things we created two mates. This point was discussed at two places in Quran.


                                    Zoology in Quran

Animals and Birds live in Communities




The flight of Birds


Due to the force of gravity all bodies in air eventually fall to earth but in this verse Allah almighty tell us that he is who has stopped in air.





The bee

Von-Frisch received a noble price 1976 for his research on the behavior of Bee.


Spider’s web 


About the home of spiders, information is given in this verse.




Honey has healing properties








Blood circulation and the production of milk. Quran was revealed before the 600 years ago from the Muslims scientist Ibn-e-Nafees and 1000 years ago before the William Harvey.





Man is created from Alaqa, a leech like substance.

It is very first stage of human creation according to scientists who told us about human creation .




Human being created from nutfah. (Quintessence of liquid) 75:37



Man is created from nutfatun  amshag 




Sex determination

Sex is determined according to Quran  from mails


 Fetus protected by three veils of darkness

 1-    The abdominal wall,


2- The uterine wall, and
3- The amsac. niotic 

Embryo partly formed and partly unformed


Sense of hearing and sight



The scientific proves of the Quran are clearly evidence that this is a divine book.






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