RACISM (Part 1)

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What is racism?

The distinction's people make between white people and black people or the preference of white people over black people . In other words giving superiority to white people and think about  the black people , that they are low life. Racism is being witnessed by all of us. People deal with black people seperetely and do not belivethat it isn't a biological classification. In fact ,it is an artificial classification which being created by our ownself. The distinctions we make has  nothing to do with the genetic system.


There are many ideas through which we can predict that how racism begin. In past, the people do not travel or change their living areas. So they never experianced different people of different areas, they stayed in same areas with same people kind of people.But when people started to get to know about travelling and meeting different people, at this point racism begin. First people started dislikng them and they it lead to disputes. Gradually people started to push those black people out of their socities and do not allow to work or live with them.

As a child, you are dependent and reliant on your parents. Now it depends on the parents wether they teach their kids that not to be a racist or they leave their kids and do not tell them any thing regarding this topic. And this behavior is totally wrong !. Kids need help of their parents and here is the point where problem starts.

There is a saying:

                              ''Up bringing is the largest cause of racism''


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