Radar that detects users of smartphones while driving

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There is no doubt that the use of smart phones in the telecommunications or sending SMS text messages is one of the main causes of traffic accidents across the world, including awareness campaigns alone is no longer enough to stop the danger of this practice, the experts are working on the development of a new mechanism and effective to reduce these problem.

ComSonics company in the state of Virginia of USA has created a new radar that detects drivers who use their smart phones while driving on public roads whether it's phone calls or SMS text messages, which might tend to sanctions by the judicial authorities.

American company confirmed that the new radar is ready and they wait only for the approval of the American authorities in order to launch the process of industrialization and thus start to equip the policemen with on the roads done, and according to the manufacturer, the new device will operate on a simple principle and is monitoring signals and frequencies received from smart phones own drivers and therefore know that the driver was using a smart phone while driving.

However, the working principle of this radar is not very clear, especially that many of the problems raised in this regard in the case of the passage of a large number of cars at the same time and thus the possibility of identifying the driver, who was using his phone between each of these drivers.

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