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Now adays people want entertainment in their life. What entertainment actually means. Every thing that makes easy for us to pass idle time can be entertainment.for example tv, internet, drama's and songs etc.
Because these things make you feel good and relax. But have you ever thought that a poor man can not afford these the above mentioned things. So what does he do in his idle time for entertainment
''Switches on his Radio''


Yess radio is the most cheap mean of entertainment. And now radio industry have also expanded. There are alot of channels on radio which can easily be tuned. They work and entertaine people 24 hours. Radio sets are very cheap and available almost at every shop. Infact now all mobiles cheap or expensive both give an radio application. When ever you switch on the radio you will notice that every station will be casting something different. Any channel will be playing latest song, any channel will be playing old songs or any channels will be braod casting a show etc.


The people who speak and do show's on radio are known as RJ's.They just don't speak on different topics infact they allow us to share our thoughts and coments on that topic. And we can do so by sending an sms on a specific number. We can not say that only poor people listen radio , there are thousands of people who are radioholic ! ( radio lovers). Although they have other means of entertainment but still they prefer spending their time on radio's.



That is true, that when tv , internet etc were not designed every body used to listen radio. But now other means have also taken some place so radio is not heard as much as before. The biggest advantage of radio is that it helps to be aware of every thing which is happening in the country. Because almost all radio channels give headline news at every hour. So if a person is at such place where there is no tv , no internet then the most helpful thing will be radio .




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