Railway Line The Most Amazing in The World Part 2

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Outeniqua Choo Tjoe-Train (Afrika Selatan)

At the beginning of the opening track of this train in 1908 there were events that caused the wood to fall along with his train tracks. Although this pathway is now more secure, you will still take a deep breath when passing Kaaimans bridge that stands above the Indian Ocean.


Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad (New Mexico)

This rail line has oohh and aahh impression raises since 1880. Starting from the far northern town of Chama, copes with a balanced railway passing skeletons of old rail, past the narrow ledge sticking above the 800-foot Park Toltec, and winds more than 10,015 foot Cumbres Pass (the highest mountain pass reached by rail in the United States).


Tren a las Nubes (Argentina)

Although this train route connecting Salto (in air-central Argentina) to La Polvorilla (on the border of Chile) was approved for construction in 1921, which was finally completed in 1948. You try to feel this rail line: passing through 21 tunnels, crosses 13 bridge over the road, and the path through the spiral and zig-zag.


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