Ramadan (FASTING)

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one of the holy month for MUSLIMS is Ramadan. what is mean by Ramadan"

"basic purpose of ramadan is not STOP from eating and drinking yourself. is all about to purify the soul and focus on God Almighty and His Prophet sunnah"

Ramadan is five pillar of ISLAM. This month is consider as month of blessing in which muslims try to refocus and once again try to live their lives according to Quran and Sunnah.

  • try ro pray 5 times it will not take your 24hr just few minutes 
  • invite  neighbors when you to break- fast and also give AFTARI to poor and those who are outside on their jobs like guards etc.
  • donate money for valuable cause
  • try to offer Taraweeh and also encourage others 
  • also try to read QURAN PAK few pages and slowly become your habit a GOOD ONE 
  • Try to forgive others and apologize from those who are upset due to your any wrong act 
  • don't hurt anyone 

month of RAMADAN bring happiness and comfort physically mentally both. it comes one in year so don't miss it and take as much benefit as much you can. i hope and wish this time we will continue our Good habits of Ramadan throughout the year.ramadan_songramadans_message

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