Ramadan in Kamalia , punjab Pakistan.

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Ramadan is the greatest month to all month. The month of ramadan brings a
blunder of of great blessings and bestest for us. Allah for gives his all muslims in this month. All peoples prays in this ramadan. Allah loves very much of ramadan . All people fast for the happiness of Allah.


Cheapest Ramadan in Kamalia



Let's see the cheapest ramadan in our city Kamalia. When the ramadan starts, then people Who are sellars, Sells thier goods in low rate dur to arival of ramadan The Government held these bazar in ramadan because of ratefatory and peace for everyone. There are great croed of women and men is ramadan bazar. See and enjoy.


Ramadan bazar vs Common bazar



It we compare the ramadan baar to routine bazar then we see the things are sold 100% in routine bazar but the things are sold 20% in ramadan bazar. See, How nuch are difference between ramadan and common. It is all only the ramadan mubarake and his great bestows.


Ramadan Fruits




  Generally, fruits importance for us but the importance of fruits increase in ramadan sharif. because, the doubts of weakness in human body increase in ramadan because of fasting. There far , The fruits strenghtan in human body. The people uses the fruits by juice milksake etc.


"last Ashra"


The last Ashra of Ramadan hea go forward or leave their houses for aitquaf , and go to the masjid. This ashra is a safty to jahanum. The lala-tul-qadar comes in this ashra. In which Allah gives his great book The Holly Quran on Muhammad (s.a.w.w).




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