Ramleela story continues..

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         Lord Rama left Ajodhya with his wife Sita and Lakshman, they knew that their journey won’t be easy but they moved ahead on their way. They took shelter in a jungle which was far away from Ajodhya so that they can spend 14 years of their life easily and peacefully.
Once Lakshman was there in the cottage then he saw a beautiful lady she was fallen for the good looks of Lakshman but Lakshman refused to accept her marriage proposal. She got angry and tried to threaten Lakshman to marry her but in return Lakshman chopped her nose this made her really angry and she converted in to a witch. The name of that witch was Soorpnaka and she was the sister of Ravana king of Lanka, she told her brother about the misbehavior done by Lakshman. Ravana promised her that he will definitely take the revenge, so he decided to insult them by kidnapping Goddess Sita. Ravana planned a trap against them so he send on oh his demon to take the attire of a dear. When Goddess Sita saw that beautiful dear she demanded lord Rama to get her that dear so Rama and Lakshman decided to fulfill her wish but he warned to not to cross safety line which he drawn outside the cottage. Sita was waiting inside the cottage then suddenly there was a call at door she saw that there was a priest at the door begging her for some food , Sita crossed that line so that she can give that food to that priest. The moment Sita stepped out of that safety line that priest changed in to a demon and he tightly grabbed her and flew away with his flying equipment. When Rama and Lakshman came back they were shocked when they didn’t found Sita. Then a bird told them that Ravana has kidnapped her and flew away to Lanka.
Story continues …..

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